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Adult Ed: Apocrypha

09/30/2021 12:26:54 PM


The entire process of canonization is murky. Scholars are simply unsure how certain books ultimately became authoritative and others did not. In these 5 one-hour sessions we will explore some theories on how canonization came to be and what was left out.

A Rough Timeline of Biblical Writing and Canonization

Apocrypha are books outside the Hebrew Bible canon, not considered divinely inspired but regarded as worthy of study by the faithful. Pseudepigrapha are spurious works ostensibly written by a biblical figure. Deuterocanonical works are those that are accepted in one canon but not in all.

Even the Canon isn't so clearly canon - Connections between Maccabees and Daniel

The Vitality of Biblical Text - an academic look at scriptural authorship and how we view sacred text

Biblical Authority and Sanctity - written by Marc Zvi Brettler, who wrote an important book on understanding the Bible


Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782