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Religious School

Shalom! Welcome and welcome back to Congregation Ner Shalom’s Religious School! We are so excited to learn with you!


To get the most out of our time, it is imperative that students are in their classrooms by 9:30 so that class can start on time. Arrive by 9:15 and get a bagel from our Sisterhood bagel bar before class begins!


Additionally, in order to keep up week-to-week, students will be expected to practice reading Hebrew throughout the week, approximately 5 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. Parents will need to sign off on “Take 5” sheets to ensure students are taking their studies seriously. Students get prizes throughout the year for returning in their completed Take 5 Sheets!


Parents are encouraged to stay at the synagogue while their students are in class and schmooze with each other, the Sisterhood, Yarn Yentes, and others who enjoy our bagel bar. Stick around through the morning and build community, and learn more about what you can do to help build synagogue life. Don’t forget to fill out the volunteer sign up sheet at the back of your Religious School Handbook!


Make sure to keep up to date on our calendars! We encourage participation in every part of communal life at Ner Shalom, so plan to attend designated Shabbat services in addition to Sunday mornings, and let Rabbi Lizz or your teacher know when your family will not be present for a religious school class or event.


Lastly, Ner Shalom is a proud partner from the Institute of Southern Jewish Life. The Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL), based in Jackson, MS. It provides programs, resources, and leadership to congregations of varying sizes and denominations throughout the South, and is dedicated to promoting, celebrating, and educating about Judaism. Rabbi Lizz attends their conferences every June and we get a visit from a specialized education fellow twice during the school year. Our fellow is also available to answer questions for us as they arise throughout the school year. We believe this partnership and curriculum ensures our religious school continues to be always fun and engaging, as well as provides thorough and consistent education. Take advantage of the extra programs offered by the ISJL and join us for parent breakfasts, intergenerational learning, Shabbatot, and more!


Shalom and a Sweet School Year!


Religious School Documentation

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Tue, September 29 2020 11 Tishrei 5781