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Torah Fund

The Congregation currently has three Torah scrolls in our possession.

Scroll #1:

This is a small, lightweight scroll. We have been told that this scroll is pasul (ritually unusable). This scroll is estimated as being around 280 years old. While we can use it for display purposes, it can no longer be used for worshipping purposes. It is not possible to repair this scroll. It is still being decided if this scroll will be replaced. If it is to be replaced, the cost would be around $35,000 to $50,000.

Scroll #2:

This is a medium-sized scroll. It is unknown who donated this scroll to the Congregation. The scroll is estimated as being 110-130 years old. This scroll is in need of repair and estimated as being around $2,000.

Scroll #3:

This is a Holocaust scroll. It is estimated as being 150-160 years old. This scroll is also in need of repairs, which are estimated at being around $2,500. The scroll is Czech Memorial Scroll #402 from the Pincus Synagogue. For more information on the Memorial Scrolls, please visit the Memorial Scroll Trust website.


It is essential that our Congregation have Torah scrolls that are in a condition suitable for worshipping. Due to the high cost of the repairs and/or replacement, a special fund has been set up to accomplish this task. 

If you would like to help contribute to the fund for our Congregation, please complete the form below. Any amount contributed will be helpful.

Thank you,
The Board of Congregation Ner Shalom 

Torah Fund


Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784