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Adult Ed: Torah of Music

02/28/2024 09:11:49 AM


After discussing music as prophecy from the Hadar materials, we moved on to discussing the range of Jewish music, what makes music Jewish or Spiritual, and what our Torah songs are. Playlists reflective of our class can be found on YouTube or Spotify.

Our final session will be in person so that we can SING!


Book Club: March

02/28/2024 09:09:29 AM


Join us the last Thursday of each month at 10:30 on zoom to participate in our Book Club!

This month we are reading The Muralist by B. S. Shapiro.

When Alizée Benoit, an American painter working for the Works Progress Administration (WPA), vanishes in New York City in 1940, no one...Read more...

Adult Ed: The Torah of Music

02/03/2024 02:28:29 PM


We will begin this course by discussion Joey Weisenberg's Source Sheet and discussion questions from Hadar's Project Zug.

In later weeks, we will also be sharing our own favorite Jewish music or other songs that make our souls rise. The last session of our class will be in person, to sing together synchronously.


Book Club: February

02/03/2024 02:23:55 PM


Our next Book Club Meeting will be February 22nd at 10:30 AM via Zoom. We will be discussing Rachel Maddow's Prequel.

Inspired by her research for the hit podcast Ultra, Rachel Maddow charts the rise of a wild American strain of authoritarianism that has been alive on the far-right edge of our...Read more...

Book Club: January

01/03/2024 09:21:15 AM


Next month (date coming soon) we will explore the heroine of our novel's efforts and feelings about the history of her family members who lived and died in the Holocaust. Amazon's description of The Postcard by Anne Berest follows: A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR
TIME Magazine・NPR・Library Journal・The Globe and Mail・Lilith...

Intro to Judaism

01/03/2024 09:12:03 AM


Rabbi Lizz will be leading an Intro to Judaism course, intended for those looking into conversion but also open to those simply interested in brushing up on their basics. If you have already taken an Intro to Judaism class with Rabbi Lizz, you have taken this intro to Judaism class.

We will meet via Zoom at 7 pm on Thursdays for 8 weeks, through January and February. The course is based loosely on the Union for Reform Judaism's intro...Read more...

December Book Club

12/03/2023 02:28:44 PM


Our next book is a spy book that we will chew over on Thursday, December 28, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. The name of the book is The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva and's view of the book follow's:     From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Other Woman comes the first novel in the...Read more...

Book Club: November

10/30/2023 11:00:11 AM


We will meet on Zoom, November 29, at noon to discuss our next book, Before the Books Were Burned: A Novel by Lawrence Samuel Shaw.       According to In Lawrence Samuel Shaw's novel, Before the Books Were Burned, we meet a young Adolf Hitler as a manipulative mendacious boy whose obsession...Read more...

Adult Ed: Power and Money

10/22/2023 08:56:01 AM


For the fourth session of this course, we are looking at the emergence of Reform Jewish political action.

Timeline of Reform Judaism (note: the Religious Action Center is founded in 1961)

A More Sociologically-Oriented History/Timeline

Why Advocacy is Central to Reform Judaism

Seeking "The Jewish Vote" goes back to 1868

A Critique of Reform Judaism's Political Involvement

About the...

Adult Ed: Money and Power

10/13/2023 03:46:58 PM


For our third session on this topic, we will look at some history and sources for Jewish involvement in state politics, and how/why Jews care about democracy and political power.

Timeline of Jews in America

Intro to the book Jewish Power by J.J. Goldberg

Contemporary Jewish Politicians

Judaism and Democracy Source Sheet

a sort of confusingly structured source sheet on The Evolving Relationship Between...Read more...

Adult Ed: Money and Power

10/04/2023 03:19:08 PM


For our first of five sessions on the topic of Money and Power, we used the source sheets and questions from Rabbi Avi Strausberg's guided lesson in the Project Zug booklet from Hadar.  We navigated questions on power and accountability, and on how to separate a person's deeds from their work (can a bigot write good books, can a lascivious man be a good rabbi or president, can we learn something useful from someone we don't...Read more...

Book Club: October

10/04/2023 03:15:09 PM


On October 25 at 12pm, we will meet on Zoom to discuss our next pick for Book Club: The Rabbi Who Prayed with Fire by Rachel Sherona Lewis.

Congregation Beth Abraham expected their newest rabbi to "sing some songs and go to an environmental rally." But Vivian Green has other...Read more...

Book Club: September

09/10/2023 10:49:19 AM


Our next book is Kantika by Elizabeth Graver. Our discussion will be September 27 at noon on Zoom.     A dazzling Sephardic multigenerational saga that moves from Istanbul to Barcelona, Havana, and New York, exploring displacement, endurance, and family as home.

A kaleidoscopic portrait of one family’s...

Book Club: August

07/26/2023 11:46:47 AM


We will be discussing How to Make a Life by Florence Reisse Kraut via Zoom on August 30th at 10:30 AM.



When Ida and her daughter Bessie flee a catastrophic pogrom in Ukraine for America in 1905, they believe their emigration will ensure that their children...Read more...

Book Club: July

07/19/2023 07:26:57 PM


We will be discussing Last Summer at the Golden Hotel by Elyssa Friedland.

The story revolves around a hotel in the Catskills and the two multigenerational families who own the once popular but now fading summer resort. Long buried secrets, intergenerational tensions emerge as a sell out...Read more...

Adult Ed: Messianism

05/31/2023 01:51:31 PM


Join us Saturday, June 3rd, after Shacharit as we open up the conversation on Jewish views of the Messiah.

Sundays, June 11th and 18th, will be taught by a special guest teacher with expertise on this subject.

Some pre-readings on the subject:

Jewish Virtual Library's brief explanation of historical views about the Messiah

My Jewish Learning's selection of verses and quotes specifically about the Messiah...Read more...

Book Club: June

05/31/2023 01:31:12 PM


Join us on Zoom at 10:30 the last Wednesday of every month. This month we are reading and discussing our next Book Club choice, The Thread Collectors by Shaunna Edwards and Alyson Richman.

The Thread Collectors: A Novel by [Shaunna J. Edwards, Alyson Richman]Read more...

Book Club: May

04/28/2023 10:09:25 AM


Troubled by anti-Semitic acts against Jews and massacres, Dara Horn addresses these problems in her book People Love Dead Jews. We will meet via Zoom to discuss this book on May 31st at 10:30 a.m.  

A startling and profound exploration of how Jewish history is exploited to comfort the living. Renowned and...Read more...

Book Club: April

03/29/2023 11:29:52 AM


On April 26th at 10:30 via Zoom we will meet to discuss The Ritual Bath by Faye Kellerman.










"Detective Peter Decker of the LAPD is stunned when he gets the report....Read more...

Adult Ed: Sexual Ethics

03/15/2023 12:32:40 PM


During class on Sunday, I kept searching for a citation in The Sacred Encounter and was having trouble finding it. After class, I found it in the chapter "Sex, Love, and the Androgynos" by Rabbi Elliot Kukla, who was the first openly transgender student to be ordained by Hebrew Union College.   Kukla starts his chapter with an excerpt from Mishnah Bikurim 4:1-2: An androgynos is in some respects legally equivalent to men, and in some...Read more...

Adult Ed: Sexual Ethics

03/08/2023 12:56:04 PM


This month, we are studying Jewish sexual ethics through a Reform Lens. Using the book Sacred Encounter: Jewish Perspectives on Sexuality by the CCAR Press, and it's study guide (though in an abbreviated form), we are looking at the issues of Marriage, LGBTQIA inclusion, Healthy Relationships, Modesty in the Modern World, and Sexual Desire.

While folks are certainly welcomed to try to read along with me, Sacred Encounter is a bit dry...Read more...

Book Club: March

02/22/2023 11:33:22 AM


Our next read will be All the Rivers by Dorit Rabinyan, and we are meeting to discuss on March 29th at 10:30 via Zoom.


A controversial, award-winning story about the passionate but untenable affair between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man, from one of...Read more...

Book Club: February

02/06/2023 01:13:43 PM


On the last Wednesday of February (the 22nd) we will be meeting at 10:30 am via Zoom to discuss our next book, Then She Found Me by Elinor Lipman.







Adult Ed: Crash Course in Jewish History

12/11/2022 02:39:50 PM


Join us for our final session of the NJOP Crash Course in Jewish History! We pick up where we left off last session, at the brink of WWII, and continue onward to today.

Lesson 5 PowerPoint

Lesson 5 Outline


Adult Ed: Crash Course in Jewish History

12/04/2022 02:27:33 PM


On December 11th we will meet for our 4th and penultimate class on Jewish History. We continue our timeline from the 1700s-1900s, focusing mostly on Enlightenment and Emancipation, and the beginning of Modernity.

Lesson 4 Timeline

Lesson 4 PowerPoint

Lesson 4 Outline


Book Club: December

11/30/2022 11:44:16 AM


Our "December" book club meeting is pushed back a week to accommodate our holiday travels! Join us this first Wednesday in January at 10:30 on Zoom to discuss In Memory of Memory by Maria Stepanova.

Shortlisted for the 2021 International Booker Prize, In Memory of Memory...Read more...

Adult Ed: Crash Course in Jewish History

11/20/2022 03:07:17 PM


We did not end up meeting on 11/27.

Please join us 12/3 for our third installment of Jewish History.

This class will pick up with the turn of the millennia (the tenth century) and bring us up to just before the Enlightenment.

Lesson 3 Outline

Lesson 3 Timeline

Lesson 3 PowerPoint


Adult Ed: Crash Course in Jewish History

11/14/2022 02:13:16 PM


This week's session on Jewish history covers the period of the united Israelite Kingdom through exiles and into the beginnings of our thriving diaspora community (approx 1000 BCE-1000 CE).

Lesson 2 Timeline

Lesson 2 Outline

Lesson 2 Powerpoint


Adult Ed: Crash Course in Jewish History

11/13/2022 11:56:19 AM


Throughout the next five weeks, we will be going through the NJOP's curriculum for a Crash Course in Jewish History: 4,000 years in five one-hour sessions.

This first week will focus on the Biblical period: creation to the First Temple.

Timeline for Lesson 1

Lesson 1 PowerPoint

Lesson 1 Outline



Book Club: November

10/26/2022 07:45:56 PM


11/30 10:30am Ner Shalom Book Club  will meet through Zoom to discuss    Eternal Life by Dara Horn. All are welcome to join us                                    Read more...
Fri, March 1 2024 21 Adar I 5784