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Adult Ed: Money and Power

10/04/2023 03:19:08 PM


For our first of five sessions on the topic of Money and Power, we used the source sheets and questions from Rabbi Avi Strausberg's guided lesson in the Project Zug booklet from Hadar.  We navigated questions on power and accountability, and on how to separate a person's deeds from their work (can a bigot write good books, can a lascivious man be a good rabbi or president, can we learn something useful from someone we don't like?).

Review that Lesson Here

For our second session, we will focus in more on how money plays into these questions. How does money contribute power, how does it corrupt power?

Elections and Taxes

Money should not be a tool or an excuse to exploit power


Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784