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Countries, Cruises, and Coasts

07/14/2021 09:40:28 PM


Over the past few years tour companies and cruise lines have begun offering Jewish Heritage themed and highlighted tours that lead us to Discover the Diaspora. It is encouraging that we are recognized and valued as travelers. 

If there is a destination near or far that calls to you, please let me know and I will work to create that perfect journey for you, your   family, even your organization. Jewish themes are a focus, but I believe that travel is about experiencing many things, so let me know what interests you.
Contact Andrea Savitch at Unique Travel Events 703-986-0934
Destination of the month
Discover the Diaspora
As Jews we have dispersed to all corners of the world. As we travel, we learn about cultures and foods new to us, but we can also discover our imprint in places we might not have imagined.
Let Unique Travel Events help you plan your next
adventure and find the imprint that enhanced the world.
Sat, June 10 2023 21 Sivan 5783