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Please check all of the Ner Shalom Committees in which you would like to participate.

Please provide any other areas that you would like to volunteer that were not listed above. If you have additional ideas regarding ways to support Congregation Ner Shalom, please feel free to list them here.

Membership Dues Commitment

In accordance with the current dues schedule, my/our membership dues category for the current year is as selected above.

Special Request: I am active duty military temporarily assigned in the vicinity. I would like to have my membership month to month. I understand that I may also request a special rate and take advantage of a 10% active duty discount for military members.

Building Fund Pledge 

We understand that our Building Fund Obligation is in addition to the Membership Dues. The obligation is $3,600,00 but may be split into 10 successive annual payments. Please select one of the above building fund pledges.

Payment Schedule 

I/we will remit the Dues and Building Fund payments in accordance with the above schedule.

I/we wish to donate an additional sum in support of Ner Shalom by increasing our annual dues by the specified amount.

NOTE: No one will be turned away from membership for financial reasons. Members who are students or youth, active duty military, have unique circumstances or unusual financial hardships may select the special request category for membership. This form is confidential, and your membership directory page will be set to reflect your active membership, without reservation. Our Congregational Treasurer will be happy to work with you to reach an arrangement concerning dues (including payment plans and discounts) in a completely private manner.  We are delighted that you have reached a decision to joint the temple as an active member, and feel It is more important for you to be a part of our community as a member and contribute what you can, than to not be a member at all. 

Membership Terms 

By checking the above box, I agree to the following conditions:

  1. I/we agree to pay such annual dues as may be fixed by the Board of Directors, in accordance with the By-Laws of the Congregation, to meet my/our obligations with respect to care for temple structures and grounds for which I/we have access through my/our support of the building fund, and to further support the congregation with my/our presence, talents, and time.

  2. As a member of Ner Shalom I/we shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the Congregation. 

Email will be the only method that account statements and billing will be communicated to our members. This is to reduce the expense that printing and mailings cost the Temple.

Please let us know the member of our congregation who referred you to us.

Please enter how you heard about us.

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